Swimming Pool Design

Each swimming pool design is different, however our approach is the same for every client.  We design with three things in mind: the site, the architecture, and the client’s personality.

The site.  Topography, sun light, accessibility, drainage, and focal points are just a few consideration in swimming pool design related to the site.

The architecture.  Architectural styles  greatly influence swimming pool design. French Acadian, Bungalow, Colonial, and Ranch are architecturally distinct, and greatly affect swimming pool design.  The swimming pool should be an extension of the residence.

Client personality.  Designing for the site and architectural style still leaves room for personality to shine through.  We are collaborators with the client in the swimming pool design.  It is not our design; it is yours.

If you are interested in having a pool or need a pool service in Oxford MS or the surrounding areas, we would love the opportunity to meet with you. Please call us at 662-234-2477 or email us today!

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Swimming Pool Design
Swimming Pool Construction

Swimming Pool Construction

As with any construction product, the longevity and reliability of the swimming pool is directly related to the builder.  Most of us have regrettable experiences during a construction process.  At Oxford Pools, our goal is to promote trust between you–our client–and our talented pool builders.

We go beyond building a good swimming pool.  We want to build the best swimming pool, all while making the process pain-free.

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